21st Century Science.        B2 Keeping Healthy Revision lesson.

By Alex Riesen,Boroughbridge High School and Nick Mastin,King James’s School                                                                     April 2007.


Learning objectives (WALT):

·  Know how the body defends against disease and how we can prevent heart disease

·  Know how data can be used to identify cause or correlation and understand the importance of reliability and matching in trials.



Learning outcomes (WILF):

·  Be able to recall more information than you could before the lesson about Health and Disease.

·  Understand what you will still need to focus your revision on before the exam.

Hyperlink to Revision Cards from here.

Cards 1-4 fronts

cards 1-4 backs

cards 5-8 fronts

cards 5-8 backs


·    Resources: Lesson Plan WORD doc

Students will need workbooks/textbooks/exercise books if they need extra help in any area.

Revision cards (1 set per person)

A3 summary sheet (1 sheet per person)

Answers without Questions sheet

Snakes and Ladders (1”board”, question and answer cards and dice) per group of 3/4.

1 copy map from memory A3 laminated, coloured pencils, A3 paper

Taboo cards (on card, cut up)

Odd one out sheets (A5)

Infectious disease loop cards (on card, cut up)

Digital projector for loopy timed starter





Loopy timed starter. There are 9 question slides with multiple choice answers. The pupils have 15 seconds to choose the answers. Left click at any point will reveal the answer or answers. The quiz can be repeated. Press Esc to exit the loop.

V activity 5 minutes (more if repeated)




Choose from the following activities to suit your group.


Snakes and Ladders.

This game should be played in groups of 3 or 4. They will land on symbols representative of vaccination or heart disease. When they land on these symbols, one of the other players should pick up the relevant question card, (blue for vaccination, red for heart disease) The answer will be on the back if you have made the cards double sided with the answers (lower down the same document) (20 questions available for each topic area) Could last a long time! 15-30 minutes

V, A and K activity


Snakes and Ladders Board


Snakes and Ladders Q and A

Answers without Questions

The sheet can be either consumable or not! They should write a possible question to the answer given. The difference in their questions will lead to discussion. Could work for different abilities but activity is quite demanding, especially question on correlation.

Depending on quality of discussion following activity 15 – 20 minutes

V, A activity

Answers without Questions sheet

Memory map.

This covers defence against disease. It should be printed on an A3 sheet which the teacher keeps. Give A3 plain paper to group of 3 or 4 along with coloured pencils. Each student is numbered 1 to 4. All 1’s spend 30 seconds with map from memory and return to their places where they aim to reconstruct the map. Same applies to numbers 2, 3 and 4.

15 minutes

V, K activity

Map from memory sheet


Play in groups of 3.

There are spare cards to add additional taboo words if you wish!

10 – 15 minutes

A activity

Taboo cards


Odd one out.

1 per pair. Provide as A5 sheets. There can be several answers to each one. Students must provide explanation for each one. There is a space for their answers on the sheet. Possibility to laminate and re use.

10 minutes

V, A activity

Odd one out sheets

A3 Summary sheet. They complete all sections of the summary sheet which provides a summary of many areas of the B2 course. The correlation graph may generate some discussion especially as students can choose what factor they will plot on the graph.

15 minutes

V, A, K activity

A3 summary sheet



Loop cards.

Can be done as group or class activity. Covers infectious diseases. 21 cards. May be repeated against the clock, once the correct order has been established! Can be changed according to group.

10 – 15 minutes

A, K (as dominoes) activity



Loop cards